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Our team has vast experience in the refrigeration industry, encompassing design, manufacturing, installation, project management, commissioning and servicing of refrigeration systems making use of natural refrigerants.

The teams experience include developing and implementing CO2 refrigeration solutions for multiple International projects and clients. Various first of its kind projects using CO2 as a refrigerant was designed and implemented by the FGN team.

Good standing relationships with suppliers, contractors and end-users on a global platform allow us to deliver on our services across the world.

Refrigerated Facility Design and Integration Design

FGN offers services from the initial requirements to final hand over of a refrigerated facility. We can support our customers with Facility Layout Design making use of computer aided software such as AutoCAD and Solidworks. We believe in a holistic and sustainable approach which allow us to design a facility that encompass integration of additional heating and cooling requirements onto the main refrigeration system to waste salvation and water consumption reduction ensuring our clients have an optimally designed facility.


Comprehensive Project Lifecycle Management

Our team will deliver all requirements to enable a successful project lifecycle including, auditing and analysis of existing and new projects putting our clients in a position to make an informed decision on which is the best refrigerant and technology to be used for a specific project. We will work with OEM’s and contracting parties to source and verify the best solution available in market through tender document creation and project management. Our team will stay involved throughout the whole project duration where we will take care of project scheduling, services co-ordination, monitoring of progress and cost, commissioning and hand over documentation requirement.


Innovative Refrigeration Solutions and Product Design

Our teams manufacturing background and being involved in various first of its kind system implementation making use of natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R744) and NH3 (R717) allows us to develop and design products and solutions to fit customer requirements. Our experience include complex industrial applications, heat pump technologies, chiller applications and bespoke retail solutions which is designed from first principle engineering making use of Engineering Equation Solver (EES). As a part of product development our team will deliver manufacturing drawings, electrical drawings and bill of materials that will allow our clients to manufacture bespoke designed solutions.


Full-Service Engineering Solutions for Refrigeration Projects

FGN offers a wide range of engineering services that can be used in full by our clients for an entire project or be utilized as per their requirements. FGN can support from concept design leading to technical specifications or detail design and system simulation backed by manufacturing drawings and complete detailed drawings and will supply heat load calculations from which equipment selection or product development can be done that will lead to installation drawings, electrical drawings and requirements to allow a contracting party to install a fully designed refrigeration solution. Our knowledge allows us to supply our clients with the required control logic for a specific system.


Global Expertise: Case Studies and Technical Support

Making use of our experience within various regions across the globe we offer to support clients with case studies and technical support to allow our clients to make informed decisions before commencing with a project or product development. FGN are capable of supporting our clients through these studies to answer any and all of their questions, through an unbiased and calculated third party opinion.


Advancing Natural Refrigerants through Training and Knowledge Sharing

We firmly believe in supporting the industry through training and knowledge sharing and offer to do so on a technical and design level to ensure we create a future that can support and grow the uptake of natural refrigerants into the market.

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